Friday, January 29, 2016

Budget Cut Rant

Okay guys, so this is a really personal post that hits close to home. Today at my college we are expecting an email that outlines all the majors and minors that will be cut followed soon by a list of faculty that will leave due to a combination of budget cuts and low enrollment. The more traditional majors are safe, but unfortunately, being a museum studies and art major, my programs aren't a guarantee. Even if the programs stay, I'm expecting to see a large decrease in department faculty which will greatly limit the classes I'm in and also really restrict the faculty that I have access to. Rumor has it that programs that will be cut will only be in affect to students who begin next year and you are guaranteed to be able to finish your major if it is already declared (which I am). The main worry here is that with no more freshmen coming into the programs, people will begin to drop out of the programs because there isn't any fresh blood in the program. I'm just super anxious that my program will be cut and I'll basically be forced to transfer colleges. I feel like I'm on a sinking ship right now. It's really sad watching such a great college go down like this. In case you were looking for more information on the situation, I've attached a news article here.
Thanks for listening to my rant,
Update (4:01 PM): We received the email with the programs being cut. Since I was not a declared German minor in the system, I can no longer get that minor, but that isn't as big of a deal. I've attached screen shots of the email sent to us below.

Update (4:31 PM): I made a really funny tweet regarding this cut and wanted to share. It still bothers me how the museum studies program which is brand new this year is heavily reliant on the classical studies program but then they cut the classical studies department.

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