Wednesday, January 6, 2016

10 Days of Turtlenecks (Day Seven)

It's lucky number seven of the Ten Days of Turtlenecks series! Today I'm showing you guys one of my more casual outfits that is perfect for walking the dog around the block or going to the grocery store. I really like the neutral colors and how the dusty rose color accents them. If I was back in my dorm room when I took these photos, I would have also paired this outfit with my Pandora charm bracelet which is a silver colored leather band and also some silver earrings.

The grey scarf was purchased at TJ Maxx, and while it was a great deal, the quality is a little lacking. The dimensional rosettes that have beads in the middle continue to fray as I wear it, and I have already lost several of the beads because they aren't sewn on that well. Something similar to this scarf is this ruffled infinity scarf from Amazon. And, although it doesn't have the decorative flowers of beads, it's going to be a lot less work in the long run because you won't have to keep attaching them.

The turtleneck is the Target brand turtleneck that I've been wearing in several other posts, but this one is a dusty rose color. It's a similar color to this year's Pantone color of the year, rose quartz.

The pants are a Calvin Klein brand jegging with faux leather accents. These were surprisingly bought at Costco for around $20. The button on my pants fell off the first time I put them through the washer, but after replacing that with a spare button I had lying around, they were good as new. Macy's is currently selling the same pair of pants in both charcoal grey and olive green, but is a little more expensive than when they were on sale at Costco. The pants can be found here.

The boots are a Steve Madden quilted riding boot that I got around last Christmas at DSW for about $80. They are similar to the Steve Madden Quilla Riding Boot that DSW currently has in stock here and available in a wide-calf version here.

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