Sunday, January 3, 2016

10 Days of Turtlenecks (Day Four)

We're nearing the halfway point in 10 Day of Turtlenecks. Today I'm bringing to you a prep-school inspired look featuring a blazer-esque coat and pleated skirt. 

The jacket is from Forever 2. The store nearest to me was having a 75% off outerwear sale, so I got this jacket for only $15. It is still available online, but not for that much of a discount. It's the Luxe Boucle Overcoat and can be found here for $30.99. It's a great mint green color in real life and gives off a little bit of a metallic shine because of the variety of fibers used to make it. It's actually a lot thicker than I expected and even has some quilting on the inside, making this a very warm jacket. The pockets are nice and deep, perfect for holding a phone or a wallet. I really like the silhouette of this coat because it can easily transition from outdoor to indoor wear because of how much it looks like a blazer.

The skirt is a Candie's brand pleated skirt with decorative buttons down the front. A similar skirt is available from Forever 21 here. Although it is a little longer than the skirt I'm wearing in the photos, it could be easily hemmed to the same length. The skirt I'm wearing is made of a strange swishy material that doesn't wrinkle, which is nice, because a lot of my clothing is shoved in boxes underneath my bed.

Underneath I'm wearing my favorite black turtleneck sweater from Target. This one is a size small, so it's a little shorter in the torso than I'd like, but works out well when tucked into a skirt like this. I got another one of these black turtleneck sweaters in a medium, but it still needs to shrink in the drier so it doesn't look baggy. The turtlenecks are on clearance for about $9, so get them here before they're sold out!

Get ready for 6 more days of exciting turtleneck fashion! (Never thought you would actually see that put into words, did you?) Also, photo credits for all of these turtleneck fashion posts goes to my super talented younger sister, Erin. I'm really excited to do some more blog photoshoots with her when I get home for the Summer.


  1. I've never been a fan of turtlenecks until I started following your turtle neck post. I love the different ways you have been styling. Especially today's with the pleated stripe skirt. Very chic!
    -Kim :)


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