Tuesday, December 1, 2015

My Christmas List

Today marks the beginning of December and that means that Christmas is getting ever closer, and I can bet that you're all making your Christmas lists! Even if you don't celebrate Christmas, the winter holiday season is an exciting one and I hope that the holiday of your choice is amazing and filled with family and friends (and maybe even some presents).

I've decided to share with you guys my Christmas list this year in case you felt the need to get me a gift...

  1. Turtleneck Sweaters- I have an unhealthy addiction to turtleneck sweaters. They go great with statement necklaces and scarves, plus they're super comfy. Target was having a sale on all of their sweaters the other day and their turtlenecks went from $18 to $10, so I obviously called my mom and was like "Target. Turtlenecks. Sale. Need.", I'm hoping she understood that message and that there will be a pile of new turtlenecks under the tree this year. I have a bunch of turtlenecks already, but they tend to pill when they go through the laundry as much as mine do and they also shrink up slightly. Plus I just wanted new colors besides all the neutrals I currently have. A black turtleneck is the most underrated piece of clothing. You can't even begin to comprehend how much I love turtlenecks. These sweaters can be found here if you're interested in purchasing some for yourself. Sadly the price went back up again, so you'll have to pay $18, but it's well worth it. 
  2. A Nice DSLR Camera- Because I want to fill my blog with pretty pictures that aren't taken on an iPhone camera. Nothing against you Apple, but the camera just isn't cutting it. (And if you think back to a couple months ago when I ranted about my iPhone camera, you'll understand how much a nice camera would mean to me.) However, DSLR cameras are kind of pricey, so I'm probably going to jump on Black Friday like a lion who hasn't eaten in weeks.
  3. This Adorable Shirt From Modcloth- It's both a pug and a Frida Kahlo reference, what more could you need? You can purchase it here (this is not my affiliate link because this item hasn't been released on the affiliate platform yet for a unique URL).
  4. Washi Tape and Stickers For My Planner 
  5. Terry's Milk Chocolate Oranges- I recently found out that I could eat these again with my allergies because they aren't made in a peanut-facility anymore. These chocolate oranges were my childhood; one of my neighbors used to give them to us on Halloween and they were my all-time favorite candy.
  6. Typewriter Shopper's Tote- I've been needing another re-usable grocery bag so that I can carry my groceries back from the store without the plastic bag ripping along the way. This bag is cute, inexpensive and did I mention cute? They can be found here at Forever 21 for $1.90. 
  7. Black Riding Boots- It seems like I go through a pair of riding boots every year. Somehow they all manage to get destroyed. This year, I'm hoping for a more durable pair that is also super adorable. Currently I have a pair of Steve Madden black riding boots with a quilted back, and I love them. But the material on the toes and heels has torn apart after all of the wear and tear I put them through. Some of the quilting has torn too and is beginning to have fibers sticking out. It's hard to find a pair of riding boots that I like because I'm really specific about the shoes that I wear.
  8. Vera Bradley Brush and Pencil Case in Cheery Blossoms- I love my Vera Bradley pencil bag and it's done great over the last 4 years, but between the highlighter that broke inside of it and the corners that have begun to fray away, I think it's time for a new pencil bag. Amazon is selling this one with Vera Bradley as the merchant for $21.90. I don't think that this print is available on their main website right now and it appears to be cheaper on Amazon, so this would be the place to buy it from.
  9. An External DVD Drive For My Mac- The latest version of the Macbook doesn't have a disc drive which makes it impossible for me to watch all these DVDs that I have laying around. My super awesome parents bought me an external disc drive earlier in the school year, but it didn't work with the computer, so I had to return it. I'm hoping to find a quality disc drive that works with my computer. Either that, or I'll have to burn all of my DVD to my desktop computer at home and move the files over to my laptop. I don't know about you guys, but I'm a really big fan of actually putting a DVD into a player instead of just opening a file,so I really hope this works out.
  10. This New Phone Case- My cell phone currently has a case, but the sides have broken off after I took it off to switch to my new phone. I'm worried that with the case missing chunks of the sides, the screen won't be as protected if it falls. I don't drop my phone a lot, so this cheap case from Amazon will probably do just fine just to protect it from getting all scratched up in the pocket of my backpack. The case can be found here in color 03. 
  11. This Book of Medium Level New York Times Crosswords- I've recently become addicted to crossword puzzles, specifically the New York Times ones. This book has 150 puzzles, so it will last me a while. It can be bought on Amazon here for less than $10. I like to do a puzzle before bed each night or work on one that I had previously begun because I find crossword puzzles very stress relieving (that's college for you...). 
So that's a brief overview of some of the things I'm hoping for this year. What are you guys asking for present-wise for Christmas? Tell me below in the comments!

I'm sorry for the gaps of time between my last couple of posts and I know I promised twelve posts last month but only delivered six. This month I'm going to set a little more of a feasible goal and aim for ten posts. If you have any ideas for some of those ten posts or are interested in guest writing for my blog, feel free to contact me!

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