Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas Recap

So Christmas has come to a close and we're in that stretch of dead time before the new year. It was a pretty good one this year, so here's a recap of the festivities. As always, the holidays are pretty hectic, in addition to their overlap with finals week, so I think I handled the stress pretty well. There's so much that went on this month that I may even need to break it into two parts.

My a couple of my cousins and I got some pretty awesome matching sweatshirts that we wore to the family Christmas party. Yes, I am wearing a hat that says "Tom Raper RVs", but only ironically because my brother was cleaning the neighbor's attic for them and they said he could take whatever he wanted, and this is what he gave to me.

This photo isn't from Christmas, but it's from Thanksgiving, when my grandmother gave us our annual Christmas snow globes. She normally gives the girls Santa figurines and the boys nutcrackers, but she wasn't able to find Santa figurines that she liked. It might seem strange that we do Christmas gifts at Thanksgiving, but it's so that we can put them out before Christmas.

My sorority got our Christmas card photo taken by the wonderful MSchlief Photography. I'm on the far right in the second row back. Morgan, who took the pictures for us, always does a beautiful job!

And my roommate, Amie, and I also got a Christmas card picture taken by the girl who lives next door. We ordered our cards through Costco and they turned out wonderfully. I had a great time decorating the envelopes and mailing them out to friends and family. It was strange that my family didn't have a Christmas card of our own, yet my roommate and I did. My brother took a photo of Mocha that we thought about using for our family Christmas card, but didn't get around to. I'll include that below my Christmas card picture because it's just so adorable.

My group won the gingerbread house contest at a social we went to. I'm pretty sure the reason we won was because our house was the only one that didn't fall down. We also had some pretty sweet ugly sweaters. I bought mine in the men's section of Walmart last minute because I didn't think that I would need to bring an ugly sweater up to college with me.

Here's another picture from when we volunteered at the local YWCA and helped sort their donations to the residents for Christmas gifts.

This post will be continued in a second part which can be found here.

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