Thursday, December 31, 2015

10 Days of Turtlenecks (Day One)

As I may have previously gushed, turtlenecks are the greatest article of clothing ever, and now I'm here to share with you ten days of turtleneck fashion. 

This particular outfit is more of a party look for a holiday party. The cape is the Ticket to Ferry Ride Cape from Modcloth for $59.99 but is currently unavailable. It's a great weight of fabric, and once you figure out the right way to button it, it's a great piece to just throw on as you're going out the door. I still haven't mastered how to put a purse on my shoulder without it looking odd, so I'm probably going to stick with a clutch while wearing this piece.

I don't remember where I got the fascinator from, but I believe it was an accessory being sold around Halloween time. If you're looking for a similar (and probably better quality) fascinator, you may want to try the Sweetest Spread Fascinator in Black from Modcloth. My affiliate link for this product can be found here, and as a heads up, I may be compensated for any purchases from Modcloth made after clicking the link. (So if you really love me, using my affiliate links is a great way to show that.)

The skirt is from Forever 21 and is one of my favorite wardrobe staples. I wasn't able to find the exact skirt that I have, but I was able to find two with the same fluted silhouette and they can be found here and here. The skirt was a little tight and short, so I recommend sizing up if you're in between sizes generally.

And for the featured piece of clothing in the article, I'm wearing a fuchsia turtleneck sweater under my cape. It looks a little baggy in some of the pictures, but that's because I haven't had time to shrink this turtleneck in the drier. I got this turtleneck for Christmas from Target when it was on sale for around $10. They're currently on clearance for $13, so I highly recommend you jump on this deal which can be found here. After seeing this deal, I'm tempted to buy like 5 more turtlenecks...

I got these boots for Christmas from an Amazon lightning deal and they ended up being around $20. The back panel is an elastic, so they stretch to fit your calves, however, I would not recommend them for someone with a larger calf because they only stretch so much. They have two zippers per boot, a gold one on the outside and a black one on the inside, but only the black zipper is functional, which kind of annoys me. My last pair of riding boots had double zippers like this, and I really wish they just had one zipper that worked instead of one for decoration and one that works.

Stayed tuned for my next day of turtlenecks! I haven't quite decided if I want to do them all in a row, or every other day, so you'll just have to wait and see.

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