Wednesday, November 18, 2015

What I'm Thankful For (College Edition)

Thanksgiving is just round the corner, and since I already shared a Christmas-themed post, I had to back track to make sure that all the holidays received their attention. Here's a list of some of the many things that I'm thankful for about college thus far. I'm having a great time here at Concordia and if anyone has any questions about the school itself, don't be afraid to reach out! (I love to promote Concordia...)

So here it goes:
  • The shower water heats up really quickly in the dorms
  • When they have loaded baked potato soup in dining services
  • When 8AM classes get cancelled
  • When my mini fridge stays in between ice cold and room temp
  • When I met the girl who lives above me and found out that she actually practices tap dancing and that I wasn't just imagining noise
  • That we can control the temperature in our rooms individually
  • When people walk their dogs on campus and let you pet them
  • I can eat cheese and crackers whenever I want
  • Not having to take written communications (Thank you AP credit!)
  • Having cool stories to tell people about what it's like to live by Chicago
  • My sorority sisters and my wonderful bigs
  • When they have chocolate pudding in dining services
  • Facetime calls with my dog (and my family)
  • When you forget to take your clothing out of the washer and someone moves it to the dryer for you
  • Classes that are actually interesting
  • The custodian who cleans our floor's bathroom
  • Care packages and letters from home
  • Campus squirrels
  • When they have bosco sticks in dining services
  • Netflix
  • Semi-reliable wifi on campus
  • The fact that our dorm has decent sized closets and dressers
  • My totally rad roommate
That's just a few of the many things. Tell me what you're thankful for down in the comments section!

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