Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Let's Art Journal (Week 5: Pumpkin Patch)

If you're like me, you carved your pumpkin for Halloween too early in the year and then it sat around and got moldy for a week because it was sitting on top of your dorm room dresser instead of outside where it belonged. Anyway, I threw the pumpkin away because it was just getting super gross and decided that the best way to commemorate it would be via art journal page!

I know I promised a bunch of posts this last week, but I got super busy! So, I'm really going to focus on my blog this month instead of doing NaNoWriMo like I normally do in November. I probably won't hit the 50,000 words that you aim for in NaNoWriMo, but I'm going to aim for 12 posts this month and this is going to be the first of many to come.

Supplies (That I Used For This Page)
  • Watercolor Pencils
    • Derwent Middle Chrome #8
    • Derwent Pink Madder Lake #17
    • Derwent Red Violet Lake #24
    • Derwent Vandyke Brown #55
    • Derwent Sap Green #49
    • Derwent Imperial Purple #23
    • Derwent Ivory Black #67
  • Prismacolor Marker Pen in Sepia .05
  • A pad of Thanksgiving/Fall stickers that I bought in the dollar section at Target last year but didn't have much use for
  • Watercolor Brush
  • Cup of Water
My Process

So I started this page by painting in the bottom of my pumpkin which was an orange color. I painted my pumpkin purple and pink at the top and it fades to its normal color at the bottom, so I wanted to represent this in my journal page. Compositionally, I placed the pumpkin in the wrong place on the page. If I was going to do this page over again, I would likely put it in the bottom left-hand corner, slightly cut off by the edge of the page.

Next I used my Derwent watercolor pencil in Pink Madder Lake to add in the top of my pumpkin and kind of fade it into the orange part that I painted in the pervious step.

Then I used my Red Violet Lake pencil to paint in the middle ground of the pumpkin. I added in a heart to the center of the pumpkin once all the layers of paint had dried completely to represent the really terrible heart that was carved into my actual pumpkin. At this point it looks like a splotch of pastels and sherbet colors.

Next, I used a brown watercolor pencil to add the stem of the pumpkin and some little curly things for artistic effect. I made the mistake of painting the stem of the actual pumpkin pink and it just looked terrible, so when I recreated my pumpkin, I made sure just to leave it brown this time.

Then I used my Sap Green pencil to add in a leaf on the other side of the stem. I really have no idea what pumpkin leaves look like or if they even have leaves, but I didn't really care. I also used this color to add some contrast in the pumpkin stem and at the bottom of the pumpkin.

The heart was looking super washed out, so I added a darker tone of purple to the left side and outline to give it a little more depth. I also used this purple tone, Imperial Purple, to contrast the green in the leaf. In retrospect, if I was going to add purple to the leaf, I would use my lighter tone of purple from this drawing because the dark purple comes off a little too strong for my liking.

(I probably should have taken another photo in between these two, but I got a little distracted in the creation of my page.)

Now, I use my Prismacolor marker pen in sepia to outline the parts of the pumpkin and add even more depth to my terrible carved heart. I also added in some circles around the outline of the heart to represent the rhinestones that I glued onto the pumpkin to try and distract from the terrible carving job that I did. I also added in some solid areas of color to the stem to give it even more contrast.

I also added some pumpkin stickers that I had from a sticker book to the page. I bought these stickers at Target a while back and didn't really have a use for them, so I really wanted to use them up. You'll see in the later images that my page becomes a sticker explosion.

Then, I used black watercolor to add in some black dots on top of the area where the rhinestones were to represent the puffy paint that I tried to use to cover up how bad the pumpkin looked after I added rhinestones. I also used a really watered down form of this black watercolor to add a little more darkness to the bottom part of the pumpkin and the part of the leaf where it goes behind the stem.

I picked up my Prismacolor marker pen again and proceeded to add some cross hatching in around the edges of the pumpkin and also on top of the stem. I also used this marker to outline my lovely collection of color swatches on the right-hand side of the page.

Next I added in the journaling aspect of my page complete with little arrows to point at things in the drawing. The pumpkin was a lot darker than previous paintings that I had done in this journal, so I wasn't able to write on top of it like I like to do normally.

And then, the stickers come into play again because I decide that the page needs some little autumn leaves and acorns. At this point the page is looking a little bare so I want to add some splotches of color in.

I use the pink from the top of the pumpkin to add some color under the pumpkin and also along the top edge of the page. To make the arrows stand out more, I use a really pigmented version of this color to fill them in.

I decided that the pink just wasn't enough, so I use some purple in the upper right-hand corner and in the lower left-hand corner. It was really hard to paint this in because the stickers kept peeling up from the moisture. My advise here is to complete the entire page in the way that you like it and then add in the stickers last.

It was super hard to photograph this page because the overhead lights in my room were giving weird shadows that I couldn't fix without making the stickers look extremely shiny. I'm really hoping to get a nicer camera for Christmas so that I can take some better pictures of my artwork. Sorry, iPhone camera, you're just not cutting it anymore.

Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of how this page turned out, but it was a nice stress reliever just to make something. That's really the point of an art journal, or any journal for that matter, to express yourself and not care too much about how pretty the end product will turn out.

Also, I just really love using these watercolor pencils!


  1. I am in love with this post and definitely saving it! That painting is awesome! Definitely makes up for a moldy pumpkin :)

    Jasmine | The Sixth Disney Princess


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