Wednesday, November 11, 2015

An Open Letter to the Girls Who I Share A Dorm Floor With:

Dear People on my Dorm Floor,

I'm here to air some complaints,

  1. Two in the morning is not the appropriate time to run screaming down the hallway playing tag, I would understand the screaming if there was a fire or you were being chased by a crazed killer, but since you are not, please keep the noise level down to at least a normal talking volume.
  2. We're all adults here, and I'm pretty sure that we all learned some time around preschool that when you're sharing a bathroom with other people, it's only polite to flush the toilets and clean up after yourselves. Yes, we have a cleaning lady who picks up the bathroom, but it's not your job to make her life a living hell.
  3. Stop complaining that our RA made you put your pumpkin/Halloween candy back in your room instead of letting it sit out in the hall. As she explained, she doesn't hate holidays and is just enforcing the fire code. It doesn't matter if it's twenty bowls of candy of just your small one, it's still a fire hazard. And, if I run screaming out of the building from a fire (one of the only appropriate times to scream in the hallway), I'd rather not trip over a ceramic bowl filled with candy corn that nobody wants to eat. Also, IT'S THE MIDDLE OF NOVEMBER, you shouldn't have Halloween stuff out anyways.
  4. If you leave your hair in the sink or the shower drain, please pick it up yourselves, I don't want to shower with an ominous hairball staring at me the whole time.
  5. If you're going to come into my room to borrow a vacuum cleaner or art supplies or what have you, please knock first, don't just open the door and prance in. Also, it would be nice to have the aforementioned items returned to me in a timely matter.
  6. Yes, I took such-and-such class in high school, I'd be happy to explain it to you, but don't just text me a photo of your homework asking for the answers. I don't have time in my busy sleep schedule to do your homework and mine. Also, don't complain if I got something wrong, I likely woke up in the middle of a nap and did your homework questions for you, so I'm still a little groggy.
Yes, we live in the Midwest, but I'm just tired of everyone being so passive aggressive that they won't say these things aloud. I'm pretty sure that most people on the floor have these complaints, and while they only apply to a select group of people, do your best to make our floor a decent living environment. If you are the one participating in any of the above mentioned activities, stop and take a moment to look at your life, is your game of two in the morning tag really that much more important than everyone else on the floor's sleep?

I love you all, for the most part,


  1. I relate to this post so much. Especially #1. My floor has already gotten 2 emails and a floor meeting addressing the noise complaints we have gotten after quiet hours.
    Since you mentioned fires, fun fact: Last year, I had to run down the stairs at 2 am because of a fire alarm. I lived on the 12th floor... -_-

    1. Kim,
      I thought that I had it bad living on the 3rd floor! I can't imagine living on the 12th and climbing all those stairs!


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