Friday, October 23, 2015

My Friday Faves (Week 8)

Hey everyone, welcome to week eight of My Friday Faves which is currently going to be the last installment of My Friday Faves because these posts aren't as popular as I would like them to be. But, don't worry, I'll likely pick these posts up again when my blog gets a little bit of a better following and I have more exciting things to post about. Because this is the last installment, I'm going to make this post a little longer than usual (and also because I have a ridiculous amount of free time this week).

Festive Puppy Video
It's Fall and that means two important things: pumpkins and videos of corgis completely confused by pumpkins. This one is titled: "Corgi Puppy Can't Deal With Mini Pumpkin".

Have an affinity for the founding fathers and rap music? Then then 'Hamilton' may be the musical for you. My roommate was listening to the Broadway soundtrack and I couldn't tell if this was an actual thing or a joke for the longest time. Apparently, this musical is completely serious and people are paying a whole bunch just to score general admission tickets. After listening to the soundtrack in full probably about three times, I can sum this musical up as: "If the founding fathers were bros". The music is actually quite catchy and I can definitely tell why my roommate loves it so much. The official website for this musical can be found at

When this show comes to Chicago when it starts to tour, I'm definitely going to have to see it! I was just thinking the other night that by the time that I start teaching, this musical will likely be used in history classrooms. I honestly wouldn't mind it though, because it's pretty historically accurate besides all the rapping. I'm pretty sure that the founding fathers didn't rap all that much.

As per usual, I've been avoiding responsibilities and playing games on my phone. I'm going to share with you two apps this week: AdVenture Capitalist and Monopoly Bingo. Both of these are free apps that are available for iOS devices (I'm not quite sure about other platforms). I feel like a huge dork telling you guys that this is literally how I spend my free time, but oh well, here it goes:

AdVenture Capitalist is just a super addicting game where you 'buy' businesses to earn profit which can then be funneled into more businesses. There really isn't much of a goal, but it's very relaxing for me. I've full completed one of the three worlds that are currently available in the game. It's all the fun of capitalism at the click of a button!

This app is produced by Kongregate and works pretty well besides one glitch that I'm currently facing where it exits the app when I try to buy the maximum number of businesses in the Earth mode. However, they are constantly coming up with new patches for the app and if you keep updated, it generally runs smoothly.

The other app I'm going to talk about is Monopoly Bingo. I have a bingo addiction and I'm not afraid to admit it. Seriously though, I live for the days when I end up in a nursing home and can play however much bingo I want. This app is a spin on classic bingo and has all these super awesome power-ups that make the game more fast paced. I can't tell for sure if you're playing against other players or just game generated ones, but it's exciting either way. They also have a version of the game out based on the board game 'Clue' and surprisingly enough, it's called Clue Bingo. So, I have both of these apps on my phone and when I run out of lives on one, I switch to the other. I live on the edge.

This app is produced by Storm8 and in my limited time playing it, I haven't run into any major glitches. Although, if I could change one thing about this app, I would make it easier to earn money to spend on power-ups and keys to unlock the prize chests because I'm always out of money and I don't know where it's going.

Art Supplies
Lately I've really enjoyed working with the Caran d'Ache Neocolor Wax Pastel I Set in portrait colors. These are basically the fine art version of crayons and they're really nice to work with. They provide a great layout of color and the tones included in the package are very rich in pigment. I did a piece with these crayons for one of my AP drawing and painting concentration pieces this last school year and I was able to do a watercolor resist with the background. I'm going to share my art piece, but I was working with varying degrees of distortion, so the texture of the skin and face shape are a little bit off. I had a lot of fun working with these crayons and look forward to creating more pieces with them in the future and possibly incorporating them into some art journal pages.

I bought my set of these crayons from Blick and they came in a pack of 10 for $17.99. They're amazing quality and don't wear down as much as normal crayons do, so they're definitely worth the price. I have the set of 40 on my wishlist right now and may end up spending some of the gift cards to Blick I got from graduation on this set. The crayons can also be bought open stock which is great for colors that you use a bunch but don't want to buy an entire new set. The portrait set that I've been working with doesn't have a black crayon, so I have to substitute dark purple normally, but I'm going to buy a black crayon open stock just for convenience. These crayons can be found at this link.

I recently figured out how to save gifs to my computer (I'm not that great at computer stuff, okay?), so I wanted to share some of my favorite animal gifs. Watching these just make me so happy, so I figured that I should share some with you guys to brighten your days! I've found that the best place to find gifs of adorable animals is on Reddit under /r/awwgifs which is basically a collection of everything cute and moving.

Picture of My Dog
And in honor of the last edition of My Friday Faves (for the time being) I'm going to bring back the pics of my dog. This week she got her Halloween costume; she's going to be a lion. The first costume that my sister found for her was slightly too small and she wasn't all that happy about that.

Then my sister went out and found her another lion costume because they couldn't find one that was the same as the first one. I think this photo is hilarious because it was taken while she was yawning so it looks like she's roaring. I set this photo as my phone wallpaper and I laugh every single time I turn it on to check the time.

So that basically sums it up for this week! I hope you all had a great week and an amazing weekend! And if you're ever feeling nostalgic, check out my previous weeks' worth of Friday Faves to tide you over until they resume. 

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