Friday, October 16, 2015

My Friday Faves (Week 7)

These super cute bracelets are this Friday's Style Steal from Cents of Style and can be purchased for $9.99 and includes free shipping today (10/16/15) only with the code '15TRIBE'! This is an affiliate deal, so I've attached my personal affiliate link here. (I may be compensated for any purchases made by you after clicking my link.) There's so many different sayings to choose from, and they're all really cute! These bracelets were originally $24.95 so this deal is totally worth it. Now, I just have to decide which saying I want! Right now, I'm leaning towards the one that says 'Make Good Choices' because, oddly enough, that's how I signed everyone's yearbooks before they left for college.

This week I want to give recognition to the artist Nancy Zhang who is a fashion illustrator. She works from her own images and just creates these amazing little fantasy worlds. Her page specifically for fashion illustration can be found here and her homepage can be found here. (I'd just like to remind you that these images are property of the artist and if you would like to pin them, please do so from her site directly. I, in no way, have ownership of these images and are posted here purely out of admiration.)

I really like her use of color and composition. The way that she incorporates her signature into her work is also extremely unique. The fashion is beautiful and the artwork is beautiful, what more can you ask for?

So I've finished the two seasons of The Carrie Diaries and I was really sad to see it end. I thought the next move was to start Sex and the City because The Carrie Diaries is the prequel. I've noticed some indescrepencies between the two shows specifically regarding Carrie's past, but that was expected. It's extremely easy for me to believe that Anna Sophia Robb and Sarah Jessica Parker are the same person only about 15 years apart; the hair and the narration style just pull it all together. This show isn't available on Netflix, so I was initially nervous that I wouldn't be able to find all the episodes without checking it out from the library, but to my luck, all of the seasons are available in full from Amazon Prime. I'm only on the first season right now, so I'm still waiting for the outfits to get good. Right now, the clothing is just really terrible 90s stuff that doesn't quite give me the Carrie Bradshaw vibe. And also, as the title suggests, there is a lot of sex, so this show isn't for the conservative!

I also found this interesting article from Refinery 29 written by Jessica Chou titled: "The Actual Costs Of Sex & The City's Most Iconic Outfits Will Shock You". It takes a look at three different Carrie Bradshaw iconic outfits and details how much each item is priced and the total cost of the outfit. I highly recommend looking it over here!

Pinterest Find
This week I bring to you a Buzzfeed article by Alanna Okun titled: "32 Reasons Succulents Are The Best Plants Ever". This article has some really beautiful images and some totally feasible DIY projects if you have the space to keep plants. I had a succulent once, but somehow I managed to kill it, which no one ever thought was possible. I'm not all that great at keeping plants, but for those of you out there who can keep green things green, this article would be a fun read. This article can be found here.

If you have any suggestions on things for me to include in my next (and final for the time being!) edition of my Friday Faves, feel free to contact me with those suggestions! My contact information can be found in the Contact Me & Policies tab underneath the blog's header.
*This post contains an affiliate link from Cents of Style that I may be compensated for purchases made after subsequently clicking on the affiliate link. All opinions expressed on this product are entirely my own.*

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