Friday, October 9, 2015

My Friday Faves (Week 6)

I've been re-watching some old favorites on Netflix this past week, and I decided to catch up on The Carrie Diaries. I had only seen the first five or so episodes, and man, I don't know how I stopped there! This show is a prequel to Sex and the City and takes place in 1980s Connecticut following high school age Carrie Bradshaw. The fashion is spectacular and I'm just dying to own some of the pieces that Anna Sophia Robb wears in the show! My sister and I started this show together when it first came out in 2013. I hate to admit it, but I haven't watched Sex and the City, so that's definitely on my to do list!

(This is NOT a Friday Fave, just a quick rant. So if you were looking for everything in this post to be peachy positive, I suggest you skip over this section.) For all of you American Horror Story fans out there, season 5, Hotel, aired on Wednesday night this week. I wasn't able to remember my cable password in order to catch it live stream, but I was able to watch it last night on my computer. I have a feeling it's going to be a decent season because the director always pulls through, but the premier just didn't live up to expectations. From watching the first episode, I can already tell that there's going to be a lot more sex and drugs in this season than in previous seasons, so we'll see how that plays out. At this point in the show, they're really just going for shock value. The plot line isn't very coherent and the scenes just aren't as well produced as scenes from the first few seasons. I'm also not digging the character choices that they chose for this season, and no offense, I'm just not a big fan of Lady Gaga's role in the show. (This is not included in my Friday Favorites, just an opinion that I needed to share about how downhill this show is going. From the looks of it, the internet agrees that American Horror Story has just lost what it used to be. *End Rant*)

Pinterest Find
This week I bring to you a Brit & Co article titled "17 Ways to Decorate With Mini Pumpkins" written by Molly Griffin. This is just in time for Halloween and a stylish take on your typical fall decor. Some of the ideas include gilded pumpkins, washi tape pumpkins and ombre pumpkins, oh my! This article can be seen here. Get ready to be inspired, I know I am! My roommate is going to hate me once I fill our room completely with DIY mini pumpkins...

Fashion Knock-Off
While I've been eying this coat from Modcloth for quite some time, I'm living on a college student budget and really can't afford to pay the $150 price tag. While browsing Forever 21,  I noticed that they had a very similar coat, for a third of the price, which can be seen here. I'm going to bet that the quality is also a third of the Modcloth version. But, when dealing with a piece like this that I may only wear a couple times because it's just so much of a statement piece, I might just opt for the Forever 21 version. I feel like a traitor to Modcloth, but after spending two hundred dollars on dresses the other night, I can't justify the price of the coat. You'll see the Forever 21 version of this coat on the right and the Modcloth version on the left.

This coat appears to be the perfect weight for like late fall or early winter. Personally, I would wear a black turtleneck underneath (because black turtlenecks are my go to fashion piece) and then accessorize with a statement necklace with some black, silver or grey tones. I've never been a big fan of the floppy hats that you see in the Forever 21 image; I think a hat like that mandates a certain hairstyle which I don't have. I'll have to indulge you all on my hat rant later.
Modcloth Eccentric of the Eye Jacket -$149.99
Forever 21 Textured Faux Fur Coat -$52.90
This past week, I've been entertaining myself with the app Wordbubbles which is a combination of a word game and a puzzle game. This app is available for both Apple and Android devices, so I highly recommend you download it if you have some free time you'd like to fill or some procrastinating to do. The objective is to make words out of the given letters by connecting them horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The thing is, the words are already decided and you need to figure them out based on the blanks at the bottom of the screen. You may see a word, but it may not be the solution to the puzzle. My favorite part of this app is the daily puzzle which uses all the letters in the grid to make one word and if you solve it, you earn hints that can be used on other levels.

I hope everyone had a great week; my week has been filled with essays to write, so taking a break to write something a little more fun was an enjoyable experience. If you're looking for other editions of my Friday Faves, you can check out the categories in the sidebar and the posts are all tagged as "Friday Faves". Another new feature that I've been starting on my blog is Fashion Faves and can be found in the sidebar under that title. I don't know how many of those posts I have up at the moment but I know I have a bunch scheduled for the next few weeks. Those posts are basically collages of clothing from a specific theme and some commentary on the pieces/ where to find them. As always, if you have suggestions on things that I should include in my Friday Faves, feel free to contact me!

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