Friday, October 2, 2015

My Friday Faves (Week 5)

Art Materials
If you read my last post (Let's Art Journal- Week One: Supplies), you'll already know that I've recently become obsessed with art journaling. One of my favorite things to work with is the Strathmore Visual Journal in a mixed media vellum paper. The paper is 90lb., so it is super durable under a variety of media and has a nice, smooth finish. My last art journal was the 6X9 version of this, but I found myself extremely limited on space so I decided to go bigger for my new journal and moved up to the 9X12. The journal also has a nice hardcover to protect your pages, which you'll need if you're journaling on the go. For the price of this journal (Less than 15 dollars), it is a lot of bang for your buck! I found my journal on Amazon (here) and it was the best price that I've found this journal at.

Around Fall, I used to really like eating those Terry's milk chocolate oranges, but they switched manufacturers a while ago and due to my food allergies, I could no longer eat them. It was a sad day when I found out that I couldn't eat my favorite treat. But, recently, I stumbled across Orange Milano cookies and they have nearly the same taste. Lately, I've been eating a lot of the flavored Milano cookies (raspberry, orange and lemon have to be my all time favorites!) and I don't feel like enough people are willing to try them. They have the chocolate flavor that Milano cookies normally have, but there's an added layer of flavored chocolate on top of the regular one that totally alters the taste of the cookie (for the better). I'm giving my stamp of approval here and encourage you all to go out and try Orange Milanos. I generally buy mine at Target because they have a discounted price if you buy two bags of the cookies, and I always buy at least two.

Pinterest Find
This was an especially exciting Pinterest find for me this week because I absolutely love quilling. For those of you who are new to the terminology, quilling is the wrapping of thin sheets of paper into spirals and then making designs out of the three-dimensional paper. This Pinterest find is a DIY tutorial from Fab Art DIY for 3D Quilled Butterflies. The original post and the tutorial can be found here and if you plan on pinning this to one of your Pinterest boards, please do so from the original site so that you can give credit to the artist. I really like the artist's technique in this tutorial because I've never quilled something three-dimensional, just flat on a surface. This would be a really cool idea to make a few of and then hang them using fishing line because the paper is light and they would look like actual butterflies in the air!

This week, I've been watching some movies on Netflix because the list of things that were leaving Netflix/ coming to Netflix in October was released the other day. One movie that I watched that will be staying around for as far as I know is The Election which stars a young Reese Witherspoon and young-ish Matthew Broderick. It was just odd seeing them both so young. It was an interesting plot line, a little scandalous at some points, but a quality watch. The entire time that I watched this movie, I kept asking myself, does Reese Witherspoon have a Minnesota accent? If any of you have seen this movie and can answer this ever-so-important question, please comment below.

Photo of My Dog
And now, for the moment that you've been waiting all week for, my weekly photo of my dog. Here she is, living it up with my brother and her dog friends. (From left to right: Kyle, Mocha, Maxwell and Loba)

I hope to see you all here again next week for a new edition of My Friday Faves! In the meantime, catch up with some of my older editions which can be found here: Week FourWeek ThreeWeek Two and Week One.

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