Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Let's Art Journal (Week 3: Outside My Window)

So this week's art journal is based around the theme of 'Outside My Window'. It's been super windy outside this week and the leaves are all over the ground. One of my professors had us draw some of these fallen leaves from observation and I used one of my sketches as an element for this art journal page. 

  • Watercolor Pencils
    • Derwent Crimson Lake #20
    • Derwent Middle Chrome #8
    • Derwent Gold #3
    • Derwent Deep Cadmium #6
    • Derwent Geranium Lake #15
  • China Marker- Black
  • Colored Pencil
    • Prismacolor Apple Green #912
  • Dual Tipped Calligraphy Marker in Forest Green
  • Prismacolor Marker Pen in Sepia .05
  • Gel Pen- Black
  • Archival Glue Stick
  • Brushes (I got new brushes at the campus bookstore the other day!- See image below)

I begin my page by using my Derwent watercolor pencil in Crimson Lake to create a border of swirls on the left side of the page. I used a combination of highly pigmented brush strokes and more watery strokes to create some variance in tones.

Next, I used my Derwent Middle Chrome to section that border off from the rest of my page. This took quite a few brushstrokes to make it the desired thickness. Looking back on this, I wish I had used a thicker brush to make a single brushstroke instead of a small brush that made multiple.

I use my Derwent Gold to add strokes off of the orange border. As you can see, I'm swatching my colors on the right side of the page like I did last week. This is super helpful for me when I need to go back into areas that need a color I used previously; it eliminates the guess work!

I decided that the yellow strokes were looking a little bare, so I went back in closer to my orange border with a second tone of yellow. In retrospect, I wish I had added this effect to the right side of the page below my swatches.

Next, I used a darker tone of red to darken the corners of my swirled border. I also used this tone to go in between the wire binding of the pages to make the page look less like it had a distinct edge. After I added the darker red, I used a brush of water to spread the paint over the area and give it a better faded effect.

I took a sketch of a leaf that I had done and cut it out roughly with scissors. I also had the actual leaf, but I couldn't figure out a way to attach it cleanly to the page. The leaf would also make the page a little too bulky, so I ended up deciding against it.

Next, I use a china marker to draw some tree silhouettes along the edge of the page. After completing the top of the page, I decide to draw some more on the bottom to even it out. This step could also be done with a black colored pencil to achieve the same effect. I alternated between pine trees and stereotypical oak trees: the two main varieties of trees that we have on campus. I don't know what kind of tree the leaf came from, but I didn't have time to research it for the sake of tree silhouettes.

Then, I use my Prismacolor sepia marker pen in .05 to complete the journaling aspect of the page. I wish that I had opted for a black Prismacolor pen to coordinate with the drawing of the leaf, but I didn't have one on hand at the moment. I also outline my color swatches to separate them from my final journal page. Another thing that I love about these color swatches is that when you do them on all of your pages, it looks really cool to flip through the journal in the end because all the edges are matching and pretty.

I felt like this page really needed a green tone to tie it back into the whole nature theme, so I used a Prismacolor colored pencil in Apple Green to go around the leaf and also along the top of the page fading in towards my border. Since the leaf drawing was a cutout from another sheet of paper, it was hard to get the colored pencil to look cohesive, but I did the best I could. I also used my Prismacolor marker pen to draw in some sepia colored leaves. As you can see, these were done really quickly and don't look all too great.

I also have a problem with knowing when to put down my pen and declare something finished. I used a dual tipped calligraphy marker (the thinner side) to write some words that had to do with my page in some areas where not much was going on. I'm still practicing my calligraphy, so these are about the quality level as those sepia leaves you saw earlier. But, these imperfections are what really makes the page yours! And at that, my page is finished!

I hope you all enjoyed this week's journal page and really want to see yours if you completed a page with the theme 'Outside My Window'. You can check out my 'Contact Me' tab for information on where to send your journal page images and they could be featured in next week's post. You can also tag me in your Instagram pictures of your journal pages by either using my username, @ConstantlyKatelyn15 or the hashtag #CKLetsArtJournal

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