Monday, October 12, 2015

Fashion Faves: Oh Deer!

This week's fashion faves are based on imagery of deer! My flamingo post went over well, so I though that another animal themed fashion post was in order. I tried to provide a wide variety of pieces, but found that most of the deer themed fashion out there was either cheap looking dresses (Excluding the pieces seen above which are great quality!) or antler jewelry which you can find everywhere. These pieces are also wearable for fall, because fall is already upon us! Getting out my fall clothing is probably my favorite thing to do, and is extremely sad when I have to put all of my sweaters and legwarmers away for the spring again.

The socks are from Francesca's Collections and would be super cute paired with a brown loafer or a brown show with a chunkier heel to contrast the feminine quality. Crew socks are one of my favorite types of socks; I generally wear them with boots when I'm not in a knee sock/boot sock mood. The nice thing about wearing crew socks with boots is that they don't slip off like lower cut socks do, so you don't have to go digging around in your boots to pull your socks back on.

Another way that crew socks that have a print or pattern like these in the fall could be worn is with a pair of skinny jeans rolled up enough to show the pattern but not too high to make them capris. I would then accent them with a sweater in one of the tones from the print, in this case, dark brown or black would do the trick.

The skirt in the lower right is a new arrival from Modcloth that I found right after I made my last purchase, so I'm going to have to wait to get that one. Modcloth has a lot of super cute and super wearable pieces that would have fit in perfectly with my deer themed fashion, but I didn't want to overload you guys with pieces all from the same place. (Although I'm affiliated with Modcloth, I literally cannot stop raving about how great they are. The quality is spectacular, the shipping always arrives on time, and did I mention that the clothes are the cutest I've ever seen? The majority of my wardrobe comes from there, so I was just delighted when my affiliate application got accepted.)

I would totally wear this skirt with a white cardigan to emphasize some of the white tones in the pattern and a deeper red toned blouse both emphasize the color in the floral pattern and to give it a pop of color. I still can't decide if this would pair better with brown or black shoes because of the combination of the two in the skirt. I really like the length of this skirt; it's knee length, so it's office wearable but can also be dressed casual. 

The dress in the upper right is also from Modcloth, and has been on my wish list for a while, but sold out completely in my size. The price noted below is the sale price that is right now and will possibly go back to the original price if the dress is restocked. I really hope they restock this one, because I love longer length dresses in quirky prints like this; they're total conversation starters! I'm really enjoying the contrast of the orange deer against the white fabric, even though I know how hard it is to keep white clothing looking its best.

Products seen in the collage above can be found below with their corresponding image numbers: (I'm sorry about that, I didn't have enough space in my image collage to include the piece names this time.)
  1. Modcloth Greenhouse Gallivant Dress in ForestCan Be Found Here (This is an affiliate link, and I may be commissioned a percentage if you choose to buy products subsequently from visiting Modcloth via my link) -$53.99
  2. Retro Deer PurseCan Be Found Here -$49.98
  3. Modcloth Aura and Fauna SkirtCan Be Found Here (This is an affiliate link, and I may be commissioned a percentage if you choose to buy products subsequently from visiting Modcloth via my link) -$69.99
  4. Ivory Deer Crew SocksCan Be Found Here -$8
  5. And Mary Gold Plate Necklace With Enamel Deer CharmsCan Be Found Here -$21.50
I hope you guys are enjoying this new feature and would love to hear some feedback in the comments. Also, if you guys have suggestions on what you would wear with some of these pieces, let me know in the comments too! If I end up buying some of these pieces, I may just take your styling advice...


  1. Cute post! Who doesn't love deer print?? I've totally fallen in love with that modcloth skirt >_<

    Jasmine | The Sixth Disney Princess

    1. Deer print is by far the best print out there. Thanks for reading!


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