Wednesday, September 2, 2015

My iPhone Camera Rant

As some of you may have realized, I haven't been very active lately and that's from a combination of things. I just wrapped up my first week of college and it's been incredibly structured with activities yet hectic at the same time. (I would love to show you all some pictures of my dorm room, but the reason I haven't is because of my phone camera which will be mentioned in just a sec.) I'm taking 16 credits this semester and for the most part, they're all really amazing classes!

The other reason for my lack of posting is my lack of photos for posts. I absolutely love pairing my posts with photos because it makes them a lot more visually appealing and I take the majority of my blog photos with my iPhone 6 because it's just super convenient. My family has a nice camera that I like to take pictures with, but that's back home and my iPhone is always within an arm's reach.

*Cue Stock Photo Of Someone Actually Able To Use Their iPhone Camera*

Well, the other night, I got a text from a friend back home that wanted to see pictures of my all-moved-in dorm room. Like normal, I pulled out my phone camera and noticed that the picture was super blurry. I tried cleaning the camera lens, closing out of the camera app, trying to focus with HDR and switching flash on/off. I texted my dad and he told me to reset the software, which I had already done and also to try turning the phone completely off and waiting a little bit before turning it on.

These little changes did nothing, so I went to the internet to check out if other people were having the same issue. And it turns out, they were. Apparently it's an issue with the image stabilization card being broken and normally only affects the rear phone camera (which is the case with my phone). It's an issue that affected some of the older iPhone 6 and 6 pluses and my phone falls into the time range where this could be an issue.

The only solution for this problem is to bring your phone back to the Apple store because it's under recall. Well, there's two issues there: 1.) They're only recalling 6 pluses at this time and 2.) The nearest Apple store is literally two-hundred miles away in the Mall of America. I'm used to having an Apple store every two blocks, not two-hundred miles.

I'm just going to let this play out by itself and if it becomes a huge issue, I'll send my phone home to my parents where Apple stores are abound.

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