Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Faves (Week 4)

Welcome back everyone to this week's edition of my Friday Faves! It's been a super hectic week for me, so I haven't been able to write and other posts and I apologize for that. I'm also going to have to keep this post kind of short, but promise that I'll have a more quality post later this week. 

Just a friendly reminder that if you choose to pin any images from this post that are not my content, please pin them from their original sources so that the original author/artist gets the credit they deserve. 

I saw these collages on Pinterest and instantly fell in love! These collages were made by Rocio Montoya and more of her work can be seen on her website here. She's based in Madrid, Spain and, as her website biography says, she works in "experimental portraiture". She had some of her pieces featured in a book of collage artists, titled "Collage Makers" and her work was even chosen for the cover design. I'm looking forward to ordering my copy of the book which can be purchased here
Craft Tutorial
While looking through craft projects on Reddit, I stumbled across a craft blog called "Damask Love". This blog has some of the best craft tutorials that you could ever find and is located here. There was one tutorial in particular that I'm looking forward to attempting which is her "Bookbinding University". In a series of posts, she explains how to bind books, starting simple then moving to more advanced techniques. The first lesson can be found here and is for DIY composition books. 

The song of the week is "Phone In A Pool" by Ben Folds from the album " So There". I've really been enjoying this song this week and think I'm going to order the album when I get a chance. I've have a lot of Ben Folds albums on my computer since I heard his music on Pretty Little Liars, but this is his most recent album. It's a really catchy song and I highly recommend buying it for your music collection!

Video Of My Dog 
My parents sent me this video of my dog playing around with one of her friends in a mud puddle. I'm sorry if the video quality isn't that great; this is the first time that I've uploaded a video via the Blogger video service and I'm still trying to figure out how well it works. Mocha has too much energy and tends to antagonize the other dogs. Pay close attention to when she shoves her friend into the puddle. My dog is super weird sometimes...

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