Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Faves (Week 3)

Welcome back for another exiting edition of my Friday Faves! I'm not quite sure if you guys are liking these posts or not and I'm considering making them a permanent part of my blogging, so please comment your thoughts below! Also, if you have any links that you would like me to check out and potentially put in next week's Friday Faves, those can be put in the comments as well.

YouTube Video
This is a video from the Royal Ballet that explains the history of pointe ballet. I think it's super interesting and they have examples of how the dance progressed over time. It was a super informational yet entertaining video (if you're a ballet nerd like I am)! They post some other really cool videos that talk about famous dancers and recreate some of their pieces and talk about their cultural significance that I really recommend watching.

I also have been watching a lot of "Plan My Week" videos where people film videos of them filling out their planners and decorating. I don't know why I find this super interesting (possibly because I'm a planner addict myself) but they're just really a fun peek into someone else's life. The majority of the videos on YouTube are of people who have Erin Condren planners, but I'm super loyal to the Lilly Pulitzer planner and intend to post a review of my Lilly planner soon. This particular video is from Microscope Beauty and she shares six months of her Erin Condren planner layouts complete with stickers. Sometime, I'll have to show you guys how I decorate my planner!

I've been watching a new show on Netflix this week called "Cybercrimes With Ben Hammersley" and it's super interesting in a geeky way. It's basically a documentary and a TV show at the same time. This show originally aired on BBC, but it now on Netflix for the entertainment of us all. The host goes around learning about crimes that the internet has facilitated (i.e. Email Scams, Secret Websites That Sell Drugs, etc.) and then explains them.

Another TV show that I've been watching on Netflix is "Dogs With Jobs". This show is from Canada and documents dogs who have jobs (obviously). I believe only season two is available on Netflix right now, but if I remember correctly, season one was on there a while ago. When I think of dogs who have jobs, I normally just think of service animals, but this show profiles dogs who are police dogs, sheep herders, the dog who does the commercials for Greyhound buses, etc. and it's really interesting.

Pinterest Find
This week's Pinterest find is an article from Popsugar and can be found here. This list is titled: "One A Day: Throw These 116 Things Away" and, as the title states, is a list of suggested throw-away items to declutter your life. Some of the things on the list I disagree with because the list suggests that you throw away items like leftover change, old t-shirts, hair accessories that you don't wear anymore, etc. and these items could be easily donated instead of tossing them in the trash. But, overall, the list is a good reminder that I need to go through my things and throw away things like old make-up, tights that have runs, etc..
Anthropolgie has super cute clothing that I would only consider buying if I was gifted a million dollars. But, it's always fun to window shop on their website. I saw this dress and it kind of fit in with the color scheme that the two YouTube videos had and was beautiful, so I decided to include it. This dress is the Persica Lace Dress and can be purchased here for a small fee of $395. I really like the off the shoulder cut of the dress and it's nicely balanced by the longer length of the skirt. The color of this dress is a pretty peach color, and although it doesn't go quite with my skin tone, if I had a darker skin tone, it would really look beautiful. (Although, with a dress this pretty, it would look good on anyone.) The skirt also has a scalloped edge which is really in style lately.

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