Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday Faves (Week 2)

Music Video
"Wildest Dreams": yet another well produced music video starring Taylor Swift. I really like the direction that her videos are taking and the cinematography is just stunning. This is also such a catchy song and lately I've been listening to it on repeat. I highly recommend looking at her music video for "Style" too, because the visual effects are really nice.
Piece of Clothing
I saw this dress on Modcloth today and knew I needed to have it! It's called the Earned Adulation Dress and can be purchased here. I think this would be supper cute to wear to my school's Harvest Ball with my black, fur stole. The only issue was that they were sold out of my size, so I'm going to see if it comes back in stock. Modcloth is normally really good at restocking products if you want something that's out of stock.

Pinterest Find
This blog post by A Mere Glimpse is super creative and can be found here. She walks through a tutorial of how to recycle Eos lip balm containers and then uses them for small jewelry cases when traveling. They're like the perfect size for a small necklace, a ring or a couple pairs of earrings. While this blog isn't very active, some of the content is super cute and I recommend reading through it. (I think there's about five blog posts total) Here's the link to Meredith's blog:

Photo Of My Dog
I'm missing my baby a lot this week and I just found out that she's not coming up to visit me for family weekend, so it's been hard. I miss the little curly hairs behind her ears the most, but I can't scratch behind her ears over video chat and was really looking forward to seeing her in person and giving her a long walk across campus. My mom sent me this picture after they had brushed her (She sheds a lot) and she immediately stuck her nose into the hairball before they could throw it away. My brother sent me the second photo with the caption: "She's taking a nap".

I hope that you all have a great weekend and I can't wait to give you guys a photo tour of my dorm room once my phone camera gets fixed. I just saw the new rose gold iPhone from the Apple release and I definitely want that as my new phone! My dad say that the camera is supposed to improve by 4 megapixels between the version that I have and the new release, so that's exciting.
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  1. Oh that must be hard missing your pup! Love your modcloth dress pick!

    1. Thanks, Valerie! Modcloth has the best dresses ever!


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