Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday Faves (Week 1)

Inspired by the wonderful Alexandra at, I present to you my Friday favorites! Here I'll share some of my finds from the week along with some things that I've been missing from home.

As mentioned earlier, my phone is still freaking out, so pictures will be sparse and limited to photos that I already had before my camera broke (With some stock photos thrown in). I figured out recently that it doesn't have an issue with taking front-facing photos or close-up rear-facing photos, so that's what you'll be seeing a lot of from now until I can get a replacement.

My mom sent me some amazing lemon-poppyseed muffins in a care package today, but they turned into lemon-poppyseed crumbs in the mail. I'm really missing my favorite restaurant back home, Egg Harbor Cafe. If you live in the Chicagoland area (And also around Atlanta, Georgia), I totally recommend the bacado omelette. It's an omelette with bacon, chives, avocado, a side of sour cream, a side of salsa and if you ask, they'll put red onion in it and that totally completes the entire dish. They generally serve it with an English muffin and a side of potatoes. It is absolutely delicious!

This week's Netflix binge included a couple episodes of Orange is the New Black, Friends and (Although it's not on Netflix) Dating Naked. My sister and I normally watch these shows together, so I've got to keep up with her even while I'm away at school. We both think Dating Naked is a hilarious concept and it's hard not to keep watching. Don't worry Grandma, everything is blurred out! VH1 keeps the newer episodes on their website for free streaming with only a little bit of commercial interruption. I'm on season 2 right now and it's a lot more cohesive than season one because the two main characters stay the whole season, it's very The Bachelor-esque.

Jane Perkins is a British artist who works with found objects to remake classic paintings. It's such a unique style and I really love looking at her work because her use of material is just so inspiring. There's a really interesting page on her website that shows school children's work that was made in her style and I highly recommend you check it out. Her website is:
"Girl With A Pearl Earring, After Vermeer"
Pinterest Find
We've been arranging and re-arranging our dorm room this past week to figure out how it's going to be for the rest of the year. So, obviously, my Pinterest boards reflect that in the fact that they're full of dorm room decor. Here's one website that I thought had some beautiful pictures and ideas and I highly recommend looking through the photos because it's worth the minute of your time.

I've mainly been reading textbooks these past couple of weeks, but one of the books that was assigned for my craft culture class is super interesting. It's titled "Heritage of Darkness, A Chloe Ellefson Mystery" by Kathleen Ernst (She's also the author of a couple American Girl Doll books). The book takes place on the site of a living history museum in Wisconsin called Old World Wisconsin (Which is an actual place!) and includes references to museum studies (Which is my major) and a murder mystery. I've been reading the entire series and they are quickly becoming some of my favorite books.

Photo of My Dog
Because my dog is super adorable and I miss her a whole bunch, here's a picture of her for your enjoyment. My family sends me a couple pictures of her a day because I keep asking until they get annoyed and send them. (Plus a bonus photo of her in the car when we were packing up my things for school)

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