Wednesday, August 12, 2015

My Outfit of the Day: August 11th

Today, I'm going to share with you my OOTD from last night. If we're really being technical here, it's my OOTLN (Outfit of the Last Night), but we're not. I attended a cocktail reception with my parents in Naperville for alumni of my college, the college president and some recent graduates. It was such a lovely party and I had such a great time going. It was super awesome to be able to talk one on one with some of the recent graduates without being in an academic setting. It was also really great to talk with the college president; he was able to put us in contact with someone who will be able to tell us of any current students living in my area. 
This is the pose they do in all the magazine ads right? Or am I supposed to be looking down at my shoes and smiling like there's something hilarious on the ground? Fashion ads honestly confuse me.
I had to put on this outfit early in the day because I wouldn't have time to change before the party, so it needed to be casual yet dressy. It's a very wearable combination and transitions well from day to night. I was able to wear this outfit (in just one day) from visiting my grandmother, to attending a seminar on solar energy that was hosted by my lovely neighbor, to attending a cocktail reception and lastly to attending my brother's volleyball game. (Okay, I stood out a bit at the volleyball game, but I was the best-dressed person there and that's got to count for something, right?)

A simple black blouse is a wardrobe staple and is amped up by wearing a bold print on the bottom. Since I knew that there would be some older alumni attending and the president, I opted for a knee length skirt. It was the perfect length to still be worn in the summer, yet conservative enough for the party I was attending.

The skirt is from Forever 21 and can be found here. I'm generally between a small and a medium in Forever 21 sizing and I went with the small in this skirt without trying it on first. In the end, I really wish I had gone with the medium just to allow a little more room in the waist. But, as many of you know, Forever 21's return policy is a little wacky and their nearest store is like twenty minutes away from my house, so I decided just to suck it up and wear this skirt only on the days when I wasn't going to be eating excessive amounts. (Coming soon to Constantly Katelyn: My Rant on Forever 21)

The material of the skirt is slightly translucent, but not enough so that you wouldn't be able to wear anything underneath it. I really adore the houndstooth pattern and it's such a bold, graphic print that it can be both playful and elegant. The skirt has some pleating coming from the waist and it really accentuates the a-line nature of this skirt, which I really like.
Please ignore my frizzy hair, I've been out and about all day.
The blouse is originally from Express and is a size small. This is one of my favorite blouses ever; it fits like a charm and the bow tie collar really fits in well with my personal style. I actually found this blouse at a local thrift shop and paid about five dollars for it. (Talk about getting a good deal!) I'll be sure to talk about some of my other thrift store finds in later posts. I wasn't able to find the exact blouse shown in my pictures, but here's a similar one that I would totally wear in place of the one that I'm wearing in my photos.

This particular blouse just has some great details from the expertly made cap sleeves to the pleating down the bust to the choice of material. It can be dressed up with a skirt or down with a pair of jeans or khakis. You really aren't able to wear a necklace with this top due to the high nature of the collar, but dangly earrings would make the perfect accessory. (Too bad my ear piercings are acting up again!)

Overall, this has got to be one of my favorite outfits composed of separates. (I'm a huge sucker for dresses!) I can't wait to get more use out of this skirt in the future because I've only worn it about four times so far.

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