Saturday, August 15, 2015

My Outfit Of The Day: August 15th

My Outfit Of The Day August 15th Pinterest Image

Today was a huge day for graduation parties (I attended two for family friends) and this is what I wore for those. I opted for a simple LBD (little black dress) which is a huge staple in my wardrobe and jazzed it up a bit with some purple accessories because both of the graduates are going to colleges with purple as a school color.

My Outfit of the Day August 15th Full Body ShotThe dress is from one of my all-time favorite online shops, Modcloth. I buy the majority of my clothes from Modcloth and I get tons of compliments. They're my go-to spot for fun, patterned dresses. This particular dress is the 'Midnight Mysteries' dress in black. I got this on sale a while ago and had to sort through all of my order history to find the name of this particular frock. The tailoring is absolutely lovely, especially on the bodice.

The cutout is such a nice detail and isn't too revealing which is complimented by the higher collar of the dress. The back of this dress is an open back at the top, but still wearable with your usual bra. I really like this detail too.

The skirt of the dress may be a little short in the back, but, hey, it covers everything up! This was an error on my end because the website suggested to size up and I stuck with my usual size. One of these days, I'm going to stitch some ruffled fabric onto the hemline just to give it a little more length.

The zipper on this dress has been an issue since day one; once  it gets to the seam that connects the skirt and the bodice, it doesn't seem to want to go up. But, with a little force, it zips fine. I'm just praying that it won't get stuck on me or rip in the process of zipping. Modcloth sells really high quality pieces, so I'm not too concerned about it tearing.

This dress is no longer available, but I highly suggest browsing through Modcloth's other products and you'll find something you'd die to have in a matter of minutes. This is the link where I purchased the dress, and if you're looking for similar items, the website suggests them on this page.

This dress is very true to the picture seen on the website (As Modcloth's dresses always are). I've included the product image here as a comparison.

I accessorized this look with a pair of purple feather earrings that I got at Target a while ago. Target literally has everything you could ever want and more. I'm also wearing my Pandora bracelet which has a purple color scheme to it. In terms of shoes, (Even though they're not shown in the pictures) I went with a black ballet flat. Originally, I was going to wear a pair of heels, but being outside for both of the grad parties and knowing that it was probably going to rain today, I didn't want to sink into the ground.

I didn't have much time this morning to do my hair because I was watching a blogging webinar hosted by the always wonderful Nectar Collective! I left my hair natural and clipped back the front part so it wouldn't keep falling in my eyes. As you can see, I'm in desperate need of a hair cut and the bottom of my hair is still bleached from when I had dyed my tips an orchid color.

I'm considering dying my hair back to the purpley-pink color that it used to be at the bottom. The only issue with having hair colored like that was finding clothing that didn't completely clash with it. This dress, however, would still work out well. I cannot emphasize enough how much every girl needs a collection of little black dresses in her closet. They're super versatile and can be easily accessorized!
My Outfit of the Day August 15th Portrait Shot
This is also the perfect outfit for when you need to look dramatic while eating a slice of pizza. See selfie below for evidence:
My Outfit of the Day August 15th Pizza Pose
Trust me, my phone is full of some terrible selfies that I'm going to have to share with you all in a selfie round-up. I mean, why keep your terrible selfies around if you're not going to share them with people? 
*I am a Modcloth affiliate and while I was not compensated for this particular post and all opinions expressed are my own, I may be compensated for any sales as a result of this in addition to use of their ads*

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