Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Living My Life With A Labradoodle (Part One)

So, last April, my family got a labradoodle puppy. For those of you who don't know, labradoodles are the offspring of labrador retrievers and poodles. They are well-tempered, hypoallergenic and supposedly don't shed (Thanks to their poodle genes). To increase the chance of them being hypoallergenic, we got a second generation labradoodle. This means that a poodle and a lab had a baby which then had a baby with a poodle. Double the poodle for double the chance of being hypoallergenic.

Mocha loves going for long walks, even as a puppy
Being hypoallergenic was especially important in my family's decision to get a puppy. For years, we had argued back and forth about whether we should get a dog. My mom was always a 'no' and my dad was always a 'yes'. My mom's main reason for not wanting a dog was allergies. When my grandmother's dog, Sophie, passed away, my younger sister was heart broken. She had loved Sophie so much and treated her as her adopted dog. My grandmother lives just down the street, so my sister got to see the dog nearly every day and became extremely attached to it.

Cuddle time in the blanket
My mom finally caved in and agreed to get a puppy. We settled on a labradoodle due to their personality and hypoallergenic-ness. While I was away at work one night, my family drove up to Caledonia, Wisconsin to a breeder called AKA Poodles and Doodles and looked at several puppies available before deciding on this one. When I got home, there was a tiny, fluffy puppy waiting for me at the door. She was shy at first, but overall, such a sweet dog.

Puppy's first bathtime and was not too excited about it
My siblings and I couldn't decide on a name and among the choices were 'Pickles', 'Xerxes' and 'La Shawnda'. Let me tell you, my siblings had terrible taste in puppy names. We finally settled on 'Mocha'. She's not a mocha color, but my brother likes coffee a lot, my sister wanted a name that was a food and I just liked any name that didn't have an apostrophe in the middle of it.

What a photogenic dog!
Mocha is such a tolerant dog. Quite frankly, I don't know how she lives with us without having a puppy panic attack. To this day, my siblings hold her like a baby without her squirming away. My sister just constantly wants to touch the dog; even when she's sleeping on her little, memory foam dog bed in the corner of the living room.
We used to have this giant beanbag chair in the middle of our living room and it fit about four people comfortably. Mocha claimed this as her own within hours of moving in with us. She has two settings: napping and running. As she got older, it seemed that her legs were the only things that grew. She basically had the body of a deer and could run like one too.

Cuddled up with my brother on the beanbag chair

Mocha loves playing out in the yard, but she's best friends with the puppy across the street, so we can't let her play outside without a leash on. She makes a mad dash for the neighbor's yard every time we open the door. She's gotten better at staying inside and not running away due to the training that she's received. It's really sad, she sits on the arm of one of the big chairs we have in the living room that's next to the window and just stares across the street all day, waiting for her friends to come out. When the other dogs were out, she used to whine so much that it was just heartbreaking to listen to and my parents would let her go out and play because they felt so guilty.
Mocha in the grass practicing her 'stay'
While I wasn't always on board for getting a dog, I wouldn't trade this one for the world, no matter how much work she can be sometimes. Mocha is about a year and a half now and I'll be sharing her labradoodle adventures in future posts; stay tuned for more!


  1. What a beautiful pup! Please give her some extra strokes from me.

    1. Haha thanks! I will definitely make sure of it!


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