Sunday, August 23, 2015

Good Bye, Chicago!

Friday was my last day in Chicago and my parents decided to celebrate it by going to my all-time favorite place with me, The Art Institute of Chicago. I'm sorry that this post is so delayed, but I've just been super hectic getting ready for college and moving into my dorm, etc. this week.

This is going to be a super image heavy post, so if you're not really interested in pictures of me with some of my favorite works of art, this post may not be for you. 

You may notice that I'm carrying around a small, plush ear of corn and that's a school tradition. The corn's name is Niblet and he's the "younger brother" of our mascot. They sell the plushes in the campus bookstore and encourage you to take them with you when you travel and take pictures with him for social media. I did just that and carried him around for my entire day in the city even though I got multiple weird looks. 

My wonderful grandmother came along with us to the museum since she has a membership too and wanted to get some use out of it. Although, she wasn't too fond of having the corn with us in all of the pictures, and this is the only picture I can find where she's not trying to shove Niblet back into my purse.

And what trip to the art museum would be complete without a super artistic photo of me staring at a painting? Deconstructionist works really interest me and I could stare at them for hours on end. This particular one is of Paris as you can see from the bits and pieces of the Eiffel Tower. Although if we're just basing it on the Eiffel Tower pieces, it could have been of Las Vegas...

You may have noticed my great love for surrealist works of art at this point in the post. René Magritte is one of my all time favorite artists and it was so nice to be at the museum on a day where it wasn't too crowded and I could get up right next to the paintings for photos.

After the museum, we visited the bean in Millennium Park which is formally known as "Cloudgate". We met some really funny guy at the crosswalk who was selling Streetwise magazines to benefit the homeless and then we ran into him again on the way home. Between him, the museum and the amazing macaroni and cheese with bacon and scallions I had in the museum cafe, I would say that it was a pretty fantastic send off!


  1. Good luck at school! I can't think of a better last day in the city for awhile than a visit to the Art Institute :) Good choice!

  2. Great pictures Katelyn....Have fun at school and study too! See you at Christmas time.


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