Monday, August 10, 2015

10 Reasons For My Chicago Pride (Even Though I've Never Lived In The City)

I've always been an outsider to city life, growing up in a small suburb of Chicago, but, I've always felt a huge connection to the downtown area. We used to go on field trips down to the city throughout middle school and high school (especially for art) and over the years, Chicago pride has become a huge part of who I am as a person.
  1. Chicago Style Hot Dogs- Although I rarely eat a 'true' Chicago style hot dog, I completely understand the appeal. Normally I get mine without the sport peppers (Peppers in general are way too spicy for me!) and, if I'm feeling risky, a bit of ketchup. It is completely frowned upon to put ketchup on a Chicago style hot dog and I have no clue why that is. Ketchup is a tomato product and there are already tomato wedges on a Chicago style hot dog, so what's the big deal? The best of the best Chicago style hot dogs come from Portillo's, and if you're ever in the Chicagoland area, you best visit one of their many locations.
  2. Blackhawks and Their Stanley Cup Victories- Even if you're not all that into sports, you can tag along with all the greatness that is the Chicago Blackhawks. Personally, I love watching hockey, and seeing my team do extremely well in the past couple of years just enforces why I love this team. (The players are really cute too!)
  3. Ferris Bueller's Day Off- This is obviously the best movie ever made. When I was younger, I used to watch this movie and think that one day, I would be able to do the exact same thing. When I visited the Art Institute with my family, the one thing that my brother wanted to do was find all of the paintings that made cameos in the movie. My senior year art history teacher even offered extra credit from recreating the kissing scene in front of the Chagall windows and taking a picture of it. One thing that this movie screws up is that they're always able to find parking in the city. That is such a joke, when you're in downtown Chicago, there's no street parking ever available, the parking garages cost basically as much as your car and public transportation is the only way to go. 
    The Navy Pier Ferris Wheel (For Ferris, Get It?)
  4. Deep Dish Pizza- I actually had deep dish pizza for lunch today! The best deep dish in the world comes from Gino's East and don't let anyone tell you it's Pizzeria Uno (Theirs is much to greasy). If you're going to do it right, order it with sausage. Traditionally sausage comes in patties that are baked in a layer onto the pizza which is surrounded by cheese and then covered in marinara sauce. My personal favorite deep dish pizza order is crumbled sausage and onion with parmesan cheese to top. You can actually order frozen pizzas from the Gino's East website and have them shipped to your house; my parents are definitely going to need to do this while I'm away at school!
  5. Without Chicago, Illinois Would Literally Be The Middle Of Nowhere- The major cities in the United States are mainly around the edges. If we took Chicago out of the mix, the Midwest would essentially be farm fields and cows. Chicago keeps the Midwest relevant! As a side note, makes these adorable map prints (As seen below) that are the perfect combination of artsy and informational. I'm thinking about getting the Chicago one!
    Image From: Here
  6. An Appreciation For Public Sculpture (Even Though It's Not Always That Great)- There is nothing more iconic than the Chicago Bean. The actual title of this sculpture is 'Cloud Gate' but 9 out of 10 people call it 'The Bean'. Because, seriously, it looks like a giant, silver jellybean. If you visit Chicago without getting a selfie in its reflective surface, you really haven't visited Chicago. And, although it wasn't permanent, there used to be this really huge sculpture of Marilyn Monroe in downtown Chicago. My cousin and I visited it once and it was honestly the creepiest thing I've ever seen. We spent the rest of the vacation calling the towering, pale woman 'Pig-Nose Marilyn Monroe'. 
     Please excuse how bad this selfie is, I was only able to find an old one of my sister and I. But, this selfie was taken in the reflection of the Bean.

  7. The Art Institute of Chicago- They have such an amazing collection that is constantly changing. The Art Institute is especially know for their collection of impressionism paintings. I've been here so many times for school that I know this place as well as the back of my hand, but it's always interesting. I'm going to miss this place so much when I go away to school. I've already planned one last stop there before I head up to Minnesota. 
    An old picture again, but always get a photo with the lions when you visit the Art Institute.
    I just find this sign hilarious because the majority of art contains some kind of nudity and they just decided to put up warning signs recently. I wonder how many complaints they got from parents before they were forced to put these up.
  8. Architecture- When you think of Chicago, you think of the Sears Tower immediately. Although it is currently called the Willis Tower, all of us from the Chicagoland Area recognize it by its former name. You can visit one of the top floors and go out onto the sky-deck which is basically a glass box jutting from the side of the building. If you're afraid of heights like I am, I wouldn't recommend it. The John Hancock building is also kinda cool and I've been up on their sky-deck. Junior year of high school, I took this class called 'interrelated arts' and it discussed the ties between art, architecture, music, theatre and literature. We did a lot of work discussing Chicago architecture, so I'm pretty well versed in it. Also recognizable, although not in the downtown area are the houses designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. I've been on his home and studio tour before and it is absolutely amazing!
    Staircase at the Museum of Contemporary Art

  9. Awesome Parades and Festivals- From Lollapalooza to Taste of Chicago to the Gay Pride Parade, there's always something going on in downtown Chicago. The trick is to know about them beforehand and plan your schedule accordingly. Traffic gets really rough because of these events. Chicagoans love to get together and be loud and while it brings people together, people tend to get a little rowdy, so always travel with a partner. Well, the city is always a bit unpredictable, so I would suggest that the buddy-system rule applies to every day, especially at night!
  10. This Guy- 
    Once again, an old photo, but the admiration remains the same.


  1. Wish I could go there, big love for US xx

    1. Thanks for reading! Chicago really is a lovely place!


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